5 People Who Could Become The Worlds First Quadrillionaire

Recently, we took a look at who could become the worlds first trillionaire, now we take a look at another giant leap in becoming the worlds first Quadrillionaire, thats a 1 followed by 15 zeros, and keep watching to the end of the video to see how 1 man has actually, for a brief moment has already been a quadrillionaire!

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5 — Kim Yo-Jong

Kim Yo-Jong’s wealth is so vast that many countries around the world dont even know how wealthy she actually is and with her family having total overall control of North Korea and its vast resources, Kim could be set to become one of the richest people in history.

Before we get to how rich Kim Yo-Jong could become, its important to remember that she uses a vast amount of this wealth to stay in power in a sort of King Joffrey style of rule, after her brother of course.

Known as the worlds most famous dictator-in-waiting, Yo-Jong has already had estimates at her net wealth into the billions and while North Korean’s fight for scraps, she lives a life of luxury unparalleled to anyone in the United States and Asia.

Coal, Weapons Sales, cyber attacks and forced labour are just some of the major sources of income for Yo-Jong and the ruling family, but that alone will not achieve the money we are looking at.

With North Korea on the sanctions list, opening up a space program or buying land outside North Korea is just not an option, so where could all that money come from to put Kim Yo-Jong into Quintillionaire status you ask?

The answer… Cryptocurrency. North Korea has spent years stealing Bitcoin and other crypto’s from unsuspecting holders and apparently also mines various coins.

Its currently thought that the North Koreans hold close to 35,000 Bitcoins and many millions of other currencys and with the inflation of these coins set to skyrocket in the coming years, its thought this may propell her to a new level of wealth unheard of in modern day wealth circles.

4 — Vladimir Putin

With an unofficial net worth topping over $200 billion dollars, Russian President Vladamit Putin may already be on his way to a Quadrillion dollars.

With investments in property, oil and gas reverves that span a nation and owning various news and media corporations, his personal wealth is increasing on an exponential level.

Putin has been building his empire of wealth since he first took power back in 1999 and owns a number of large properties and controls several corporations.

Described as the worlds richest person until he leaves power, by his former personal banker, the Russian leader also has access to a space program, which is aiming for the moon and its own space station in the near future.

No proof currently exists to back-up Putins insane net worth profile however, and while he is connected to several influential oligarcs his personal earnings declaration shows earnings of just 9 million rubles per year.

With access to space, what seems like an uncanny way to make money and more that we may not know about, Putin is definatley a contender for Quadrillionaire status in the future.

3 — Elon Musk

Another famous name in the world of wealth, and someone we see as possibly becoming a Quadrillionaire in the years to come, Elon Musk is the worlds closest thing to Iron Man, without the suit.

Creator of PayPal, owner of one of the worlds most expensive domain names X.com and self named Imperator of Mars, Elon has bee busy getting ready to colonize the read planet and make humanity an interplanetary species.

Known mainly for his work with Tesla, he has become involved with Virtual Currency over the last few years and has a current estimated net worth of close to $155 Billion and was recently the worlds richest man.

Elon is not motivated by money, but uses his funds to expand his businesses and build all kinds of crazy things including the new Starship rockets and StarBase, a space city that will launch rockets to mars and the moon.

The city is expected to have its own resort, cafe’s, restaurant, bar and laready features a rocket building lab as well as its own mission control center.

With all that in mind, even a full city will still not be enough to propel elon Musk to Quintrillionaire status but could colonizing another planet help him?

Its possible but even mining all the natural resources of mars may only help hm achieve multi-trillionaire status.

Enter Psyche 16, a massive asteroid that sits between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and has enough gold deposits to make everyone on earth a billionaire, or if Musk finds a way to mine it, Quadrillionaire status, if he gets there first

Loaded with deposits of platinum, iron and nikel, the asteroid is said to contain 8 thousand quadrillion pounds and could destroy the world economy should it end up being mined.

He also invests in cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

2 — Jeff Bezos

Already the worlds richest man with a fortune of $187 billion dollars, Jeff Bezos is the founder of behemoth shopping website Amazon.

Bezos already controls much of the buying and selling market in the world and Amazon alone as a company is said to be worth close to $314.9 Billion.

Bezos has invested in many other ventures, including Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Basecamp, Insider, and Sonder.

Bezos owns several large houses and a $500 million dollar 127-meter Project Y271 superyacht, one of the largest ever built and owns a number of houses and cars.

Bezos owns a new space exploration company named Blue Origin, and while the company is still some way behins Elon Musk’s space they have made sevral incursions into orbit and are slowly catching up.

1 — Satoshi Nakamoto

Officially named as the creator of the Digital Cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” in 2012, Satoshi Nakamoto has never been revealed in real life and is only known to a few people.

Often posting in forums under the same pseudonym, Satoshi’s wallet currently holds 1 million Bitcoin which have never been moved and are currently worth close to $68 billion dollars.

For Satoshi to become a Quadrillionaire, the price of Bitcoin would need to be roughly $10 million dollars and as its thought his coins are located in cold storage, theres no chance of them being stolen.

Many rumours have circulated as to who Satoshi may be and names include Craig Wright and Ira Kleiman with a $69 billion dollar lawsuit currently undereway in Miami.

The total wallet net worth currently stands at close to $70 billion dollars, making Satoshi richer than some of the richest billionaires such as the Walton family, Carlos Slim, and Charles Koch.

Rumors have suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto has passed away and that is the reason why the coins have never been moved… only time will tell if he achieves quadrillionaire status.

Bonus — Chris Reynolds

For a brief moment in 2013, Chris Reynolds, a United States citizen, was the richest person in history after PayPal credited his balance with $92 Quadrillion Dollars, making him a quadrillionaire (sort of)

The balance, was over 1,000 times greater than the planet’s entire GDP, and PayPal later offered to make a donation to Mr Reynolds choice.

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