Top 50 Young Billionaires Under 45 In 2021

These 45 Young Billionaires in 2021 are at the forefront of the lifestyle in rich and famous circles with them spending billions on houses, cars, yachts and planes!

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50. Kylie Jenner

The youngest billionaire on the 2019 billionaire list, Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire who started selling lip kits for just $29 in 2015.

Those sales soon built up and today, at just 21 years old, she is worth around $1 Billion dollars.

Having gained 177 million social media followers she owns some impressive real estate including a $6 million dollar home in the Hidden Hills of California and a Calabasas property, now sold, for another $6 million dollars.

She has a distribution deal with beauty retail company Ultra and managed to shift over $55 million dollars worth of products in just one week!

49. Alexandra Andresen

Inheriting 42% of investment company Ferd, Alexandra Andresen is one part of a two-sister duo who is currently just 23 years old, but became a billionaire at age 19.

While her father Johan still runs and manages the company, its thought her inheritance alone carries a net worth of around $1.4 Billion dollars.

A passionate horse rider, she has won competitions and has modeled several times for Equestrian clothing company KingsLand.

Living a frugal lifestyle with only second hand cars, she has been taught to manage her money well.

48. Evan Spiegel

One name everyone should recognize, but actually many do not, Evan Spiegel is the creator of the world famous Snap-chat, landing him a 2019 net worth of close to $3 Billion dollars.

Evan is one of only three self-made billionaires in the world under the age of 30 and graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Product Design in 2018.

While he only owns about 18% of the company, he still has control over the board and along with co-founder Bobby Murphy, has donated nearly $65 million in Snap-chat stock.

He currently lives in a massive $2.15 million dollar 1,700-square-foot ocean-view, Los Angeles Cottage with supermodel wife, Miranda Kerr, truely billionaire living at its best!

47. Gustav Magnar Witzoe

With a massive $3 Billion dollar net worth and owning half of the worlds largest Salmon producers in the world, Gustav Magnar is a leading figure in Norway’s fish farming scene.

The 50% stake in the company, gifted to him by his father in 2013, has allowed him to refine the product and acquire higher margins.

He has recently invested in several real estate and tech start-ups at the age of just 26 years old.

46. Katharina Andresen

The other half of the Andresen sisters who inherited 42% of investment company Ferd, Katharina has the same net worth as her sister, $1.4 Billion Dollars.

She is an active investor on the Nordic Stock Exchange and has several private equity investments.

Slightly older than her sister at 24 years old, she is still one of the world’s youngest billionaires and was sentenced to 18 days of imprisonment and a 13-month license suspension after getting caught drunk driving.

45. John Collison

Co-founder and president of Stripe, this 29 year old is currently worth $2.1 Billion dollars, while Stripe, a company similar to pay-pal is valued at $20.25 billion dollars.

He and his brother Patrick were on vacation in South America when the company processed its first payment.

He was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, and is friends with many influential people including Elon Musk, Peter Thiel while living in Ireland San Francisco, California.

44. Ludwig Theodore Braun

With a 10% ownership of a medical device company, Ludwig Theodore Braun has a net worth of $1 billion dollars aged just 29.

With 60,000 employees globally, B. Braun, as the company is known, makes products including infusion and injection solutions to surgical instruments.

Beginning in 1839 as a small pharmacy that sold herbal remedies it has turned into an $8 billion dollar empire spanning the globe.

43. Anna Kasprzak

Born 8 December 1989, Anna is a Danish dressage rider who represented Denmark at two Summer Olympic games and won multiple medals at various European junior and young riders championships.

Along with her brother and mother, she owns Danish shoe manufacturer, ECCO and is worth roughly $1.1 billion dollars.

42. Jonathan Kwok

Son of the late Walter Kwok, founder of Empire Group Holdings, he and and his brother, Geoffrey, took over the company after their father died.

They also inherited one of five parts of a trust fund held by their grandmother and Jonathan alone is estimated to be worth around $2.2 billion dollars.

41. Patrick Collison

CEO of world famous payments processor, Stripe he has an estimated net worth close to 2.1 billion dollars, after the project, he and his brother started in college, took off.

Stripe is a business that is now valued at $20.25 billion dollars and both he and his brother have become Silicon Valley Super-stars in their own right.

He keeps his private life a secret on social media, so about the only information we can find is that he’s engaged.

40. Bobby Murphy

Robert Cornelius Go Murphy as he is formally known, is an American Internet entrepreneur and software engineer with a net worth of $3.1 billion dollars.

The co-founder and the CTO of Snap-chat, he studied at Stanford University where, along with co-founders Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown they created the program we all use today.

Thanks to a great stock resurgence boosting his bank balance, he purchased a Pacific Palisades mansion that covers 4,109 square feet, has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

He also owns another 5 homes in the area, accumulating $37 million dollar’s worth of prime real estate properties.

39. Said Gutseriev

Russian entrepreneur and CEO of the oil holding ForteInvest JSC, he was born April 18, 1988 and holds a net worth of $1.3 billion dollars at the age of just 31.

He originally went to school in Ascot, UK and later attended studies at Harrow independent boarding school.

He received Master`s degree in Archaeology and Geology at the University of Plymouth and is the second son of one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of Russia.

In 2018 Forbes included him into 200 Richest Russian Businessmen and the total net worth of his entire family is close to $6 billion dollars.

38. Lukas Walton

The grandson of Walmart founder Sam Walton, this 33 year old Billionaire has a bank balance to the tune of $18.4 billion dollars.

When his father, John Walton, died in a 2005 plane crash, he inherited the entire fortune and received about one-third of his father’s estate.

Apart from Walmart he owns stakes in First Solar and Arvest Bank he is also a committed philanthropist, donating at least $149 million to his family’s namesake foundation.

37. Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

Remember number 44 Ludwig Theodor Braun? Well here is who owns another 12% of the medical device company B. Braun.

Thanks to this behemoth of a company, she too is worth over $1.2 billion dollars.

36. André Kasprzak

Joining ECCO’s supervisory board in 2017 after his father, Dieter, stepped down as CEO, he and his sister, who we mentioned earlier took over the reigns.

Selling in 90 countries from more than 2,200 ECCO shops and online websites has made him a billionaire and he has a net worth of $1.1 billion dollars.

35. Christopher Kwok

The younger son of property mogul Raymond Kwok, he is a member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Conference.

He served as an executive director at Sun Hung Kai Properties and was responsible for sales, project management and the leasing of major projects.

Currently worth $1.6 Billion dollars, he is about $800 million dollars beneath his brother on the rich list.

34. Jihan Wu

Co-founder and co-CEO of Chinese mining-chip giant Bitmain Technologies, he is the first Bitcoin style CEO on our list and he is just 33 years old with a fortune of $1.5 Billion Dollars.

Bitmain is China’s largest cryptocurrency mining-chip company and it was founded in 2013 after Wu graduated from Peking University.

During the mid 2018 bitcoin crash when bitcoin plummeted, Bitmain’s IPO was cancelled and the business less profitable.

33. Geoffrey Kwok

Back with the Kwok brothers once again and we can tell you that Geoffrey is richer than both his younger brothers with a net worth of $2.7 billion dollars at the age of 34.

In late 2018 Geoffrey joined the board of directors at Sun Hung Kai Properties managing its hotel and serviced apartments in both Hong Kong and China.

32. Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III

This professional Disc Jockey is also the heir to one of the world’s largest beer fortunes with a net worth close to $2.1 billion dollars at the age of just 34.

Graduating from Boston University, and in 2016, SABMiller was acquired for $100 billion making his grandfathers stake worth a considerable amount.

We are sure he is enjoying his DJ activities just as much as he enjoys spending all that money!

31. Ovidio Guzman Lopez

Feared and revered, Ovidio Guzman Lopez is the son of notorious drug lord El Chapo and has been accused of leading the powerful Sinaloa Cartel and is just 28 years old.

He is thought to have inherited a substantial amount of his fathers fortunes after he was imprisoned in the USA.

He was recently captured in Mexico, however police and members of the Mexican army were forced to release him after a gun battle.

30. Robert Pera

Founder of Ubiquiti Networks, a global communications technology company that went public in 2011, Pera has an estimated net worth of around $7 billion dollars.

He is also the owner of professional basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies, he studied at University of California San Diego and later gained a position at Apple.

He later left the company after bosses rejected his idea for advanced WI-FI components and founded his own company!

29. Sean Parker

One famous name that is known by most, this Napster founder and the first president of the social networking website Facebook, has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion dollars.

Having also co-founded Plaxo, Causes,, and Brigade, he owns a $55 million dollar nine-bedroom Los Angeles mansion that is located in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood.

His crazy home sits on sits on 2.25 acres of land, has a master suite covering the whole top floor and floor to ceiling windows throughout.

He also owns a large home in New York City and owns a $100,000 dollar top of the range Tesla Model S along with an Audi S5 which he keeps in San Francisco.

He married in 2013 at a venue that cost $4.5 million dollars and had all of his guests dress in Tolkien themed Lord of the Rings costumes.

28. Joe Gebbia

American billionaire designer and Internet entrepreneur Joe Gebbia is just 38 years old but has an estimated net worth of over $4.2 billion dollars.

Co-founder and chief product officer of Airbnb, Gebbia was listed in Business Week’s Top 20 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs in 2009.

He was listed in the magazines top Thirty under Thirty in 2010 and was named in Fortune Magazine’s Forty-under-Forty in 2013.

He recently designed a range of adaptable home and office furniture, lives in San Francisco, California and donated $300,000 dollars to RISD to establish a $50,000 term scholarship and an endowed fund.

27. Brian Chesky

Aged 38 and with a bank balance of close to $3.8 billion dollars, Internet entrepreneur Brian Chesky co-founded the peer to peer lodging service Airbnb.

He is slightly less rich than his counterpart Joe Gebbia and was born on August 29, 1981 in New York City.

Chesky recently joined Warren Buffet and Bill Gates’ ‘The Giving Pledge’, a select group of billionaires who have committed to give the majority of their wealth away.

Chesky was also named an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship by President Obama in 2015 and the Bay Area Executive of the Year by Business Times in 2018.

26. Ernest Garcia III

CEO and co-founder of Carvana, the online used car retailer and technology company, he has an estimated net worth of around $2 billion dollars.

The son of Ernest Garcia II, he received his bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2005.

Garcia owns $600 million in Carvana shares and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

He was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Mountain Desert region in 2016 and made Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list in 2017.

25. Lynsi Snyder

American billionaire businesswoman Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellingson has amassed a $3.6 billion dollar fortune at just 37 years old.

Currently the owner and heiress of the In-N-Out Burger company, she is the only grandchild of Harry and Esther Snyder, who founded the company 1948.

In 2012, Snyder was the youngest American female billionaire and received her inheritance on her 35th birthday.

She ranked #93 on Maxim’s annual Hot 100 list in 2013 and she is an avid drag racing fan and owns a 7-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion with 16,600 square feet of interior space in Bradbury, California that she purchased in 2012.

24. Scott Duncan

American billionaire and heir to the Duncan family fortune, 36 year old Scott Duncan has a massive net worth of $6.1 billion dollars.

Co-founder of Enterprise Products, he was born in 1983, he inherited $3.1 billion dollars, along with each of his sisters inheriting the same share.

Duncan became the first American billionaire to pay no estate tax since its enactment and is one of the richest young billionaires in the USA.

23. Dustin Moskovitz

Another founder of social media Site Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz’s net worth is considerably more than the others on this list so far, standing at $11.4 billion dollars.

In 2008, he left Facebook to co-found Asana with Justin Rosenstein, however on the basis of his 2.34% share in Facebook, Forbes reported Moskovitz to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history in 2011.

Also co-founder of the philanthropic organization Good Ventures, Moskovitz and his wife Cari are the youngest couple to sign Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge.

22. Mark Zuckerberg

Known mainly for co-founding and leading Facebook as its chairman and chief executive officer, Zuckerberg also co-founded solar sail spacecraft development project Breakthrough Star-shot.

He was born 14 May 1984 in White Plains, New York, and is reported to only take a One-dollar salary every year.

His property portfolio is extensive and includes two waterfront properties in Lake Tahoe, a 5,000-square-foot estate in Palo Alto, a 5,500-square-foot townhouse in San Francisco and its reported he spent $100 million dollars on 2 properties on Kauai Island in Hawaii.

Collectively he has over 10 properties as well as paying $49.8 million for an 89.2% stake of Pila’a Beach and drives a number of cars including a Volkswagen Golf GTI.

21. Daniel Ek

Swedish billionaire entrepreneur and technologist, Daniel Ek, is best known as the co-founder and CEO of the music streaming service Spotify.

He is 36 years old and has an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion dollars and Spotify is currently valued at $16 billion dollars.

He owns a three story home in Sweden, however photos are not currently available to the public.

His first company was started at just 13 years old and grew to over 25 employees, and was also the CEO of μTorrent before it was acquired by BitTorrent.

20. Hughie Grosvenor

The United Kingdom’s youngest billionaire, he is not only the Duke of Westminster but also a 28 year old with a bank balance of roughly £10.1 billion pounds.

In October 2013, he was named a godfather to Prince George of Cambridge and studied countryside management at Newcastle University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree.

With links in property development and land ownership, its thought that he currently owns more land than the Queen.

19. Adam Bowen

American billionaire businessman, and the co-founder and chief technology officer of Juul Labs, his $1.1 billion fortune is modest compared to some on our list.

He is married, with three children, and lives in San Mateo, California and earned a BA in physics from Pomona College, followed by an MS in product design from Stanford University.

18. James Monsees

Another American Billionaire and the other co-founder of electronic cigarette company, Juul Labs and he has an estimated net worth of around $1.1 billion dollars.

He’s earned a BA in Physics and Studio Art from Kenyon College, followed by an MS in Product Design from Stanford University.

17. Kevin Systrom

Co‑founder of social media site, Instagram, Kevin Systrom is 35 years old but has already been included on the list of America’s Richest Entrepreneurs under 40 in 2016.

His estimated net worth of $1.5 billion dollars has allowed him to purchase a massive and very beautiful Lake Tahoe home that has its own boat dock and oak styled living room.

The study features a large game table, complete with vintage rattan barrel chairs and there is a a secret room with a bar and music control centre.

16. Drew Houston

American billionaire Internet entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston has a current net worth close to $1.6 billion dollars at just 36 years old.

He attended Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in the 1990’s and later graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Before Dropbox he worked on a number of other startups which include Bit9, Accolade and HubSpot.

15. Eduardo Saverin

Famous for his portrayal in the film about Facebook, Eduardo Saverin is now one of the richest people on the planet with an estimated net worth of close to $10.7 billion dollars at the age of just 37.

Named one of the most promising players aged 30 and under by Business Week and since leaving Facebook, he has invested in multiple startups, including including $30 million in Indonesian regional logistics startup Ninja Van.

14. Katarina Martinson

This 36 year old Swedish billionaire businesswoman owns 14% of her family holding company, which owns property, pulp and paper companies, and was founded by her grandfather.

As of 2019 she has an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion dollars and is 38 years old.

She also has a master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

13. Frank Wang

Founder and CEO of drone company, DJI, Frank Wang is a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur with a net worth of close to $4.8 billion dollars.

He studied at East China Normal University in Shanghai and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

39 Year old Wang became Asia’s youngest tech billionaire in 2017 started DJI in his dorm room in 2006 it is now the world’s largest consumer drone company.

12. Evan Sharp

Co-founder and chief design and creative officer of Pinterest, American billionaire Internet entrepreneur, is at just 37 years old a self made billionaire.

From a makeshift office, more notably, a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Palo Alto, he helped build the first desktop version of Pinterest.

He was named one of the most creative people in business by Fast Company in 2014.

11. Louise Lindh

Owner of property, pulp and paper companies, this 40 year old Swedish billionaire businesswoman was born in 1979 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

She owns 14% of L E Lundbergforetagen, the family’s holding company and has an estimated net worth of close to $1.19 billion dollars.

10. Garrett Camp

Billionaire Canadian Garrett Camp is an entrepreneur, product designer and investor, has helped build a series of companies, including founding EXPA.

He has also helped found many other important companies including UBER, StumbleUpon and is working on a cryptocurrency he calls Eco.

In 2008 Garrett was named by Bloomberg Business-week as one of Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs having amassed a fortune of $4.6 billion dollars.

He owns an 11,000-square-foot mansion in Trousdale Estates of Beverly Hills that he paid $72.5 million dollars, a price that is said to be the largest in the area for a home sale.

9. Mike Cannon Brookes

Co-founder and co-CEO of the software company Atlassian, he has been called the accidental billionaire who is the son of a global banking executive with an estimated net worth of $8 billion dollars.

Graduating from the University of New South Wales with a bachelor’s degree in information systems, he is a member of The Forum of Young Global Leaders.

In 2018 he purchased Fairwater, Australia’s most expensive house for around $100 million dollars and the home features 86,000 sq ft of space and has one of the largest collections of trees on any property in the country.

8. Adam Neumann

An Israeli-American businessman, Adam Neumann co-founded WeWork in 2010 with an estimated personal fortune of over $1 billion dollars.

Neumann has also invested in EquityBee, a start-up for tech investors, and Selina, a hospitality company with him also owning several buildings in New York City.

7. Markus Persson

Better known by his infamous nickname, Notch, this Swedish born video game programmer and designer is best known for creating the sandbox video game Minecraft and for founding the video game company Mojang.

He later sold Mojang to Microsoft in 2014 for a sum of $2.5 billion dollars and now has a personal net worth of close to $1.6 billion.

He purchased a massive home in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California for $70 million, another record breaking property sale for the area.

6. Jeff Greene

American real estate entrepreneur and $3.9 billion dollar man Jeff Greene, is a member of the Democratic Party and was a candidate in the 2010 Senate election primaries in Florida.

He was born in 1954 in Worcester, Massachusetts and graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in economics and sociology.

Greene ran in the 1982 Republican primary for the 23rd Congressional District race, which he Laos and in February 2011, Greene became a signatory of The Giving Pledge.

5. Rene Benko

Another real estate magnate, this time from Australia, he owns SIGNA, Austria’s largest privately held real estate conglomerate.

With an estimated wealth of US$3.8 billion, he is currently one of the ten richest Austrians and Forbes classifies him as the third richest Austrian and number 365 in the world.

Some of the more high profile buildings owned by his company include the Chrysler Building, the Hotel Park Hyatt Vienna and the former headquarters of “Länderbank.

4. Jack Dorsey

American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, has an estimated fortune of close to $4 billion dollars.

The founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Dorsey was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and was once a member of the board of directors for The Walt Disney Company.

He lives in a $4.49 million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, California and the home features 3,730 square feet of space and has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

He famously walks five miles to work each morning and in 2019 donated $350,000 to #TeamTrees, a non-profit that pledges to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2019.

3. Yusaku Maezawa

Famous for his role in the upcoming moon mission planned for 2023 by Space X, he will be the company’s first commercial passenger to fly past the moon.

He introduced ZOZO, a custom-fit clothing brand and the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement system, in over 72 countries and territories.

He also owns the Tokyo-based Contemporary Art Foundation and is known for purchasing high-profile art pieces with one even priced at $110.5 million dollars.

He is known to have spent over $98 million dollars in two days at one art festival and plans to open a contemporary art museum in Chiba to house his purchases.

2. Chris Sacca

American venture investor, company adviser, entrepreneur, and lawyer, Chris Sacca is the proprietor of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital fund in the United States.

He has an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion dollars and even used his student loans to start a company during law school and later began a career at Google, investing in companies as an angel investor.

He later founded Lowercase Capital LLC, investing in companies such as Kickstarter, Twilio and Lookout and opened a new $1 billion investment fund in the summer of 2010.

He is known to be involved with The Tony Hawk Foundation and is involved with another charity, Water, a nonprofit seeking to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet.

He has also worked as a Telecommunications, Media, and Technology adviser and campaign surrogate for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.

1. William Li

Chinese business executive and entrepreneur, William Li is the founder and CEO of the electric car manufacturer NIO and is known as the “Elon Musk of China”.

At the age of 45, he has an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion dollars and has co-founded and invested in over 40 companies in the internet and automotive sector.

Li rang the bell at the New York Stock exchange, taking his company public in 2018 and in 2017 he won a number of awards that included GQ China Entrepreneur of the Year.

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